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Osteochondral Injuries | Ankle OCD


Osteochondral Injuries Specialist Adolescents and young adults can be prone to a specific type of ankle injury which can lead to ankle can lead to an osteochondral lesion, sometimes called osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). These types of injuries involve the bone and the cartilage of the ankle and are characterized by small pieces [...]

Osteochondral Injuries | Ankle OCD2021-07-12T16:20:12-06:00

Calcaneal Fractures | Broken Heel


Broken Heel Specialist Are you an athlete who participates in skiing, snowboarding, or other high-energy sports? If so, you may be at an increased risk of sustaining a calcaneal fracture. Also called a broken or fractured heel, calcaneal fractures can cause constant, consistant pain, swelling and the inability to walk. Foot and [...]

Calcaneal Fractures | Broken Heel2021-07-12T11:29:02-06:00

Subtalar Dislocation


Subtalar Dislocation Specialist Do you participate in sports such as snowboarding, skiing or are you active in rock climbing? If so, you may be at risk of a subtalar dislocation. Subtalar dislocations can cause pain, deformity and swelling in the ankle. Foot and ankle specialist, Doctor Thomas Haytmanek has diagnosed and treated [...]

Subtalar Dislocation2021-07-08T10:44:16-06:00

Talar Neck Fracture


Talar Neck Fracture Specialist Do you participate in high impact sports or activities? If so, you may be at an increased risk of experiencing a talar neck fracture. The talus is the primary ankle bone and is irregularly shaped, with a head, body, and neck. Fractures to the neck portion of the [...]

Talar Neck Fracture2021-06-16T12:23:42-06:00

INBONE Total Ankle Replacement


Complex Ankle Surgeon Are you experiencing joint pain the ankles due to arthritis or a degenerative disease? If so, you may be a candidate for an INBONE Total Ankle Replacement. This is an advanced, specialized hardware that is used to replace the damaged ankle. INBONE hardware can be customized for each patient [...]

INBONE Total Ankle Replacement2021-04-12T09:24:06-06:00

INFINITY Total Ankle Replacement


Complex Ankle Surgeon Have you experienced pain in the ankle due to wear and tear? If so, you may qualify for an INFINITY Total Ankle Replacement. Depending on the type and severity of damage to the ankle, there are a few different ankle replacement systems available at the Steadman Clinic. One of [...]

INFINITY Total Ankle Replacement2021-04-12T09:24:07-06:00

Tibial Pilon Fracture


Complex Ankle Specialist Have you experienced a recent injury to the ankle from a fall, twist, or other high impact accident? If so, you may have experienced a tibial pilon fracture. A tibial pilon fracture is a breakage to the bottom portion of the tibia, or the shinbone. These injuries are often [...]

Tibial Pilon Fracture2021-04-12T09:24:07-06:00

Ankle Replacement


Complex Ankle Surgeon Are you experiencing ankle pain due to arthritis? If so, you may be a candidate for an ankle replacement. Ankle arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis can all lead to worn down cartilage in the ankle. Over time, this will result in severe pain and discomfort in the ankles, especially [...]

Ankle Replacement2021-06-16T12:45:26-06:00

Wheelchair and Scooter Rental


Gore Range Orthopedics 970-367-6250 Wheelchair Rental: $20/day 3 day minimum Scooter Rental: $20/day 3 day minimum Medequip 970-476-7701 Wheelchair Rental:   $10/day min 5 day Scooter Rental:  $5/day or $35/week

Wheelchair and Scooter Rental2021-04-12T09:24:07-06:00
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