How to Tape an Ankle

After an injury to the ligaments of the ankle, taping is often used to help provide support.  Most often this is used in replacement or addition to an ankle brace.  We typically see these used in the recovery following an acute injury.  To have this performed is typically done by a certified athletic trainer or physical therapist.  For patients that feel the need to tape for support outside and acute injury and recovery may benefit from a consultation and discussion under chronic ankle instability.

How to Tape a Foot

Following injury or surgery we may recommend taping to help control pain and alignment of the foot.  The two most common are for bunions and injuries to the ligaments on the underside of the foot (plantar plate injury).

For bunion taping this is typically done for 4- 6 weeks following surgery with the main goal of keeping the alignment toe in corrected position.

For plantar plate injuries we often use this prior to surgery to prevent the toe and the ligaments from being over stress.  Following surgery taping helps prevents excessive stress onto the repaired area.

Foot Wrapping After Bunion Surgery

Lesser Toe Taping

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