Dr. Jonathon Backus is honored to present Dr. Thomas Clanton (retired) with the AOFAS Pillar Award

The Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation’s Pillars of the AOFAS initiative honors iconic surgeons who have advanced the Society and the profession through their leadership and dedication to educating foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons.

Thomas O. Clanton, MD, has spent nearly four decades as an orthopaedic surgeon, teacher, researcher, and leader. Dr. Clanton is the consummate professional, demonstrating commitment to excellence in every aspect of practice. Despite retiring in December 2021, he is a frequent presence in the office and lab.

Dr. Clanton ascended to several leadership roles, including chair at the University of Texas-Houston Medical School; team physician for the Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, and Rice University Owls; fellowship director at UT-Houston and The Steadman Clinic; and 1999-2000 president of AOFAS. His zeal for foot and ankle surgery is exceeded only by his commitment to family and his unshakable faith.

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