Shoes for Foot and Ankle Issues

Shoes are just like people, they can come in all different shapes and sizes.  Finding the right fit can often be a trial and error process.  We provide the below list to help assist in some guidance but is by no means all-inclusive for the shoes that are out on the market today.  The majority of patients require shoes to give support as the majority of us are not conditioned for prolonged periods of athletic activity without protective shoes.

Our general recommendation for shoe wear is that the shoe provides enough space and support to comfort the foot.  Shoes with a rocker bottom often make it easier for patients with limiting conditions of the foot and ankle to maintain a normal gait.  Within most shoes we recommend over-the-counter insoles as these provide more cushion for comfort and what majority of shoe companies provide on the standard out of the box shoe.  We reserve custom orthotics only for extreme cases.

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