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BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate) is a regenerative therapy used to treat musculoskeletal injuries. BMAC is particularly effective in the treatment of cartilage defects and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases in the foot and ankle. BMAC uses the body’s own healing power to improve joint mobility and speed up the healing process. BMAC Surgeons, Doctor C. Thomas Haytmanek and Jonathon Backus use bone marrow aspirate concentrate in certain patients who qualify for the procedure. If you would like to learn more, or to find out if BMAC can help your foot or ankle condition, contact The Steadman Clinic’s Sports Foot and Ankle team today!

What is BMAC-Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate is a regenerative therapy used to treat musculoskeletal injuries. BMAC is particularly effective in the treatment of cartilage defects and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases. BMAC is concentrated bone marrow harvested from the patient and injected at the injury site.

Bone Marrow fills the inner cavities of bones and is where blood is produced. This soft spongy substance contains growth factors, anti-inflammatory agents, and stem cells that have the ability to accelerate the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. BMAC therapy accelerates healing and increases functional use in patients experiencing foot and ankle conditions such as an osteochondral defect, osteoarthritis, some tendon and ligament injuries, muscle injuries, and occasionally used in slow-to-heal bone fractures. Our doctors specialize in Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate therapy for patients from Vail, Colorado, and the surrounding Eagle, Vail Mountain Ranges who can benefit from BMAC.

How is BMAC used in sports medicine for the foot and ankle?

BMAC therapy aids in the body’s healing process by injecting concentrated bone marrow which includes stem cells and encourages the growth of new tissue such as bone or cartilage. Due to the effectiveness of bone marrow aspirate concentrate to regenerate soft tissue, tendon and cartilage, it can be used to treat Achilles tendon damage and isolated cartilage lesions. In these applications, patients typically see a reduction in pain and inflammation and a promotion of tissue repair.

Another common use for BMAC is in regenerating cartilage and improving joint mobility in patients experiencing osteoarthritis in the foot and ankle. In this application, patient may see significant reduction in inflammation and cartilage regeneration. The healing properties in BMAC injections can stimulate wound healing and aide the body in repairing damaged tissue in the case of non-healing or slow healing injuries that have not responded to conventional treatments. The stem cells present in bone marrow aspirate concentrate can also promote bone healing and regeneration and may be suggested as a supplemental treatment to traditional treatments for bone fractures in the foot and ankle.

What can I expect from BMAC Therapy?

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate injections are great alternative if you are seeking an option to increase your functional abilities when living with a musculoskeletal injury or condition. The procedure is minimally invasive, requires no recovery time from the harvesting procedure, has been proven to reduce inflammation and pain in patients, and accelerates the natural healing process.

Harvesting can be done in an outpatient setting; the hip area is prepared for the sterile procedure and local, and at times general, anesthesia is administered. A needle is then used to extract bone marrow from the iliac crest (upper part of the hip bone). That sample from the patient is processed in a centrifuge, concentrating the mesenchymal stem cell progenitor cells and other growth factors. This concentrate is processed to inject into the injury site, fluoroscopic or surgical guidance is used to aide our specialists in precise administration of the BMAC to the injury site.

How will I be monitored after BMAC therapy and what kind of follow-up care is necessary?

Recovery time after a bone marrow aspirate concentrate procedure is relatively short. There may be soreness at the application site for 5-7 days after the therapy and rest and ice are encouraged during that time. After a short period of rest (typically 2 weeks) normal activities can be resumed. Positive healing effects from the procedure typically take 6-8 weeks and during this time The specialists at Sports Foot and Ankle will have created a specialized plan to maximize results that may include physical therapy or follow-up visits.

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