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Achilles Crutch and Boot Weaning Protocol


Protocols to Follow After Achilles Tendon Surgery: Following Achilles tendon surgery, weight must be introduced to the ankle gradually. This is done in order to prevent injury to the newly repaired or reconstructed tendon. If weight is applied too quickly, it may cause damage to the injured/surgical site in addition to the potential of [...]

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Wheelchair and Scooter Rental


Gore Range Orthopedics 970-367-6250 Wheelchair Rental: $20/day 3 day minimum Scooter Rental: $20/day 3 day minimum Medequip 970-476-7701 Wheelchair Rental:   $10/day min 5 day Scooter Rental:  $5/day or $35/week

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What to Expect
on Your First Office Visit


Office Visit Overview We want to thank you for looking into a visit at The Steadman Clinic for your foot or ankle issues. Dr. Thomas Haytmanek see and treat patients in both our Vail and Frisco offices. For patients to schedule we utilize our centralized schedulers of the clinic that can be reached at 970-476-1100. [...]

What to Expect
on Your First Office Visit

Colorado Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists in Colorado Ana Robinson, PT, DPT, OCS with Howard Head Sports Medicine is our team lead physical therapist. Below is a list of Howard Head Sports Medicine locations in Eagle and Summit County. We also work with Axis Sports Medicine in Eagle County. Howard Head Locations Avon 126 Riverfront Lane, Avon, [...]

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Colorado Compounding Pharmacies


Compounding Cream If you have been given a prescription for compounding cream, below are local Colorado pharmacies that can provide that service. We do not endorse these over your local pharmacy but simply look to provide a resource for our patients that have been given a compound cream. It is important to note that [...]

Colorado Compounding Pharmacies2021-04-12T09:24:09-06:00

Shoe Recommendations


Shoes for Foot and Ankle Issues Shoes are just like people, they can come in all different shapes and sizes.  Finding the right fit can often be a trial and error process.  We provide the below list to help assist in some guidance but is by no means all-inclusive for the shoes that are [...]

Shoe Recommendations2021-04-12T09:24:12-06:00

Cast Care


How to Keep Your Cast Dry It is very important that you keep your cast clean and dry.  Moisture can soften the cast and cause skin irritation under the cast.  To keep your cast dry when showering you can cover with a plastic bag and tape the base of the bag.  We recommend doing [...]

Cast Care2021-04-12T09:24:12-06:00

Boot Wean Progression


When to be Weight Bearing After an Injury or Surgery After patients are full weight bearing in the boot/protective shoe a critical portion of their recovery is transitioning back to the use of regular shoes. We generally recommend doing this over a gradual period in order to prevent further or new injury.  After time [...]

Boot Wean Progression2021-04-12T09:24:12-06:00

Weight Bearing Progression


Adding Weight to the Foot & Ankle After Surgery Following ankle injury or surgery weight must be introduced gradually.  This is done in order to prevent further or new injury.  If weight is applied too fast it may cause damage to the injured/surgical site in addition to the potential of creating new problems.  By [...]

Weight Bearing Progression2021-04-12T09:24:12-06:00
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