Syndesmosis Injuries in Athletes


Syndesmosis injuries are among the most difficult foot and ankle injuries to treat. An injury to the syndesmosis can include a wide spectrum of injury. This study breaks down the anatomy, biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment of a syndesmosis injuries.

Syndesmosis Injuries in Athletes2021-04-12T09:24:17-06:00

Posterior Tibial Tendon Tears in Young Competitive Athletes: Two Case Reports


Unlike the Achilles tendon, it is uncommon for the posterior tibial tendon to not undergo acute rupture. This case study reports two patients who had operative treatment of a posterior tibial tendon tear. The study describes the surgical exploration and treatment of posterior tibial tendon injuries among the athletic community.

Posterior Tibial Tendon Tears in Young Competitive Athletes: Two Case Reports2021-04-12T09:24:19-06:00

Peroneal Tendon Dislocations


A subluxation or dislocation of the peroneal tendons is an uncommon injury, but is typically seen in snow skiing. This study breaks down the anatomy, diagnosis, operative and non-operative treatment of peroneal tendon dislocation.

Peroneal Tendon Dislocations2021-04-12T09:24:19-06:00

Malleolar Fracture After Total Ankle Arthroplasty


There has been an increase in the treatment of end-stage tibiotalar arthritis with prosthetic replacement. This study evaluates the treatment of malleolar fractures with the two most common implants in the United States: the STAR procedure and the Agility total ankle arthroplasty.

Malleolar Fracture After Total Ankle Arthroplasty2021-04-12T09:24:19-06:00

Knee Ligament Injuries in Children


Ligament injuries in the knee is uncommon in children under fourteen, due to the greater resiliency and strength of the ligaments. Nine children who had open physes and ligament injuries of the knee where studied. These children were studied pre and post-operatively.

Knee Ligament Injuries in Children2021-04-12T09:24:20-06:00

Instability of the Subtalar Joint


There has been substanical orthopedic literature on chronic lateral ligamentous instability, but little on the relationship of subtalar instability to this problem. A variety of reconstructive procedures has been used to treat lateral ankle instability, but subtalar instability is not corrected equally in these procedures. This study assesses more tailored treatment option for providing stability to the subtalar component.

Instability of the Subtalar Joint2021-04-12T09:24:20-06:00

Injuries to the Metatarsophalangeal Joints in Athletes


Injuries to the metatarsophalangeal joints is becoming increasingly common in athletes due to the increase in flexible shoewear, and artificial playing surfaces. These injuries can vary form a mild sprain to a severe tear of the capsuloligamentous complex. This study broke-down an effective non-operative treatment option for these injuries.

Injuries to the Metatarsophalangeal Joints in Athletes2021-04-12T09:24:20-06:00

Hamstring Strains in Athletes: Diagnosis and Treatment


Hamstring stains are among the most common injuries and re-injuries in athletes. This study breaks down the steps to recovery after a hamstring strain. In most cases non-operative treatment is a viable option; in the case of a completely rupture surgery is recommended.

Hamstring Strains in Athletes: Diagnosis and Treatment2021-04-12T09:24:20-06:00

Chronic Leg Pain in Athletes


Chronic leg pain has been a source of frustration for many athletes. Complaints of leg pain were typically labeled as shin splints and were accepted as a natural part of athletic participation. The development of sports medicine through technological advancements has allowed the term shin splints to become a more precise diagnosis. This study breaks down the term shin splints and determines adequate treatment options for a safe return to activity.

Chronic Leg Pain in Athletes2021-04-12T09:24:21-06:00
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