Turf Toe Injury


An increase in the number of traumatic injuries to the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe, also known as turf toe, has been due to rise in participation on artificial playing surfaces and the use of more flexible shoewear. This study reviews the relevant anatomy, biomechanics, mechanism of injury, clinical assessment and treatment.

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Turf Toe


An extension sprain to the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, commonly called "turf toe" has seen great notoriety since the 1980's. This study breaks down the historical perspective, epidemiology, anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Treatment of Lisfranc Injuries in the Athlete


Lisfranc injuries in athletes can be difficult to treat. Proper treatment requires careful examination and use of imaging studies. This study analyzes the various treatment options along with proper management of Lisfranc injuries to ensure a successful recovery.

Treatment of Lisfranc Injuries in the Athlete2021-04-12T09:24:17-06:00

Treatment of Anterior Midtibial Stress Fractures


An anterior midtibial stress fracture is an uncommon and difficult injury to treat. When a transverse radiolucent line is visible in the anterior tibial cortex, sometimes referred to as the "dreaded black line", a more aggressive treatment option is recommended in this study.

Treatment of Anterior Midtibial Stress Fractures2021-04-12T09:24:17-06:00

Syndesmotic Ankle Sprains in Athletes


Syndesmotic ankle sprains are very common among athletes and represent a significant source of persistent pain and disability. This study discusses the anatomy, mechanism of injury, diagnosis, and treatment of syndesmosis sprains of the ankle while identifying controversies in management and topics for future research.

Syndesmotic Ankle Sprains in Athletes2021-04-12T09:24:17-06:00

Syndesmosis Injuries in Athletes


Syndesmosis injuries are among the most difficult foot and ankle injuries to treat. An injury to the syndesmosis can include a wide spectrum of injury. This study breaks down the anatomy, biomechanics, diagnosis, and treatment of a syndesmosis injuries.

Syndesmosis Injuries in Athletes2021-04-12T09:24:17-06:00

Subtalar Joint Athletic Injuries


The subtalar joint has had considerable attention as an area of injury and pathology. This study reviews the anatomy, biomechanics, and diagnostic techniques used for a the subtalar joint, in addition to some specific diagnoses.

Subtalar Joint Athletic Injuries2021-04-12T09:24:18-06:00

Staphylococcal Septicemia in an Athlete


Although skin infections are common among athletes, there has been no prior reporting on the subsequent development of septicemia. This study reports a case of staphylococcal septicemia that occurred in a college football player. The study outlines the etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment.

Staphylococcal Septicemia in an Athlete2021-04-12T09:24:18-06:00

Sports-Related Spontaneous Fractures of the Humerus


This case study breaks down a healthy softball players spontaneous spiral fracture of the humerus. This rare injury is discussed, addressing the mechanism of the injury, the treatment, and the types of sports that this type of fracture has been reported to occur.

Sports-Related Spontaneous Fractures of the Humerus2021-04-12T09:24:18-06:00
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