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Talar Neck Fracture


What is a talar neck fracture? The talus is a small bone in the foot that sits between the tibia (shin bone) and the calcaneus (heel bone). It is thought of as the “ankle bone”.  The talus has an irregular dome shape like a turtle shell. The talus is broken up into [...]

Talar Neck Fracture2020-11-24T12:54:12-07:00

INBONE Total Ankle Replacement


What is the INBONE Total Ankle System? The INBONE Total Ankle System is a specific brand of ankle replacement hardware that we use in our practice at the Colorado Sports Foot and Ankle Group in Vail, Colorado. The INBONE Total Ankle System consists of a talar dome with a modular talar stem, a tibial [...]

INBONE Total Ankle Replacement2020-12-07T18:11:57-07:00

Tibial Pilon Fracture


What is a tibial pilon fracture? A tibial pilon fracture is a break at the bottom or distal portion of the tibia, more commonly known as the shinbone. A tibial pilon fracture can be a result of impact from a fall, a twist, or a car accident. Typically, the fibula (the smaller [...]

Tibial Pilon Fracture2020-10-28T13:06:36-06:00

Ankle Replacement


What is an ankle replacement? An ankle replacement or total ankle replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged ankle joint with an artificial implant. The new ankle replacement consists of metal implants with a plastic spacer in between.  The ankle joint is located between your shin bone and [...]

Ankle Replacement2020-10-28T12:30:33-06:00

Wheelchair and Scooter Rental


Gore Range Orthopedics 970-367-6250 Wheelchair Rental: $20/day 3 day minimum Scooter Rental: $20/day 3 day minimum Medequip 970-476-7701 Wheelchair Rental:   $10/day min 5 day Scooter Rental:  $5/day or $35/week

Wheelchair and Scooter Rental2020-10-27T14:43:31-06:00

The Surgical Innovation That Got Tua Tagovailoa Back on the Field for Alabama’s Title Push


SAN JOSE, California — The man who could be called the savior of Alabama’s season as much as any player or coach has spent this weekend buried in snow. Thomas Clanton does not describe himself that way, of course, but depending on your perspective, he has contributed to the Crimson Tide’s national title push [...]

The Surgical Innovation That Got Tua Tagovailoa Back on the Field for Alabama’s Title Push2019-05-16T11:01:34-06:00

Sports Foot & Ankle Group Profiles


Sports Foot & Ankle Group Profiles2018-09-25T10:07:24-06:00
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